Application | Silk Printers, Silk Screen Printer

Lenstar offers professional silk screen printers, and our silk printers can be used in various industries and applied on all kinds of products. Our screening printers are suitable for PCB industry, OPTO-electronics industry, biological industry, printing paper industry, glass industry, plastic industry, etc.

The silk screen printers mainly can be used for printing PCB board, crystal cilicon, cardboard, acrylic, graphics, logos, all kinds of flat printing. If you have any demand of screen printers, welcome to contact us.

  • PCB
  • OPTO-Electronics
  • Green Energy
  • Biological technology
  • All Sorts of High Precision Screen Printing Application
  • PCB High Aspect Ratio Board To Plug Hole Process
  • All Sorts of Screen Printing Application
  • Printing Industry
  • Graphics Printing
  • Glass Industry
  • Printing Paper Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Semiconductor