Vacuum Screen Printer

Product Name : Vacuum Screen Printer
Item No. : BV-66
  • Plug hole of PCB
  • PCB high aspect ratio board to plug hole process
Product Feature
  • It is not squeeze type. Do not waste ink. Use screen print type.
  • Selectiveness of plug hole, does not change original production process.
  • Foundation by blind-bore type with high aspect ratio board. If printing two times the hole no air- bubble.
  • Printing and frame seat use servo motor control that is more easy operator and set.
  • No troubles about groove and pipeline cleaning.
Product Specification
Item Specification
Power AC220V,380V,3PH,12KW
Supply Height 1000±50mm
Compression 6-8 kg/cm2, 30 l/min
Printing table 700x900 mm
Printing Area MAX: 600x600mm
MIN:250 x250mm
Frame size MAX: L1100xW1050mm
MIN: L1000xW800mm
Machine Weight 6800kg
Dimension L2500xW1500xH2200mm