Printing Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers | History

1999 Lenstar Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established for manufacturing and sales Fully-auto Screen Printer & SMT Semi-auto Screen Printer for PCB.
2000 Fully-auto screen printer . Lateral loader . High-speed loader was produced.
2002 semi-auto screen printer . Double-table semi-auto screen printer . Ink mixer was produced.
2003 Semi-auto single arm screen printer . Many row loader was produced.
2004 Clan-shell semi-auto screen printer . Qblique loader . Squeegee sharpener was produced.
2005 CCD Fully-auto screen printer was produced.
2006 Efficient mix erwas produced.
2008 CCD Substrate registering screen printer was produced.
2009 The vacuum screen printer . Semi-auto CCD registering screen printer was produced.
2010 Constructed a new factory .Fully-auto CCD registering conductive glass screen printer was produced.
2015 Roll to roll CCD registering screen printer line  was produced.