RRGC-2545 Roll To Roll Screen Printer

Product Name : Roll To Roll Screen Printer
Item No. : RRGC-2545
  • Product Applications: All soft materials high precision screen printer, ITO film, RFID, PET, PVC, PC, Warm film, Electric film, Blood glucose test strips, PCB(soft board), Transfer paper, Plastic material.
  • Product Applications: OPTO-electronics, Printing paper industry, Plastic Industry(Not easily deformed), Traditional industry.
Product Feature
  • The whole machine is made up of discharging section, tearing section, cleaning section, printing section, inspection section, temporary storage section, baking section (to be purchased separately), cleaning section, film section (attached protective film) Composition, in order to roll-to-volume series transfer printing.
Product Specification
Item Specification
Table size 800×800mm
Max printing size 600×600mm
Min printing size 250×250mm
Thickness 0.025〜0.25mm
Max frame dimension 1100 × 1100mm
Min frame dimension 800 × 800mm
Frame thickness 30〜40mm
Power 3∮, 380V,50/60Hz
Power consumption 5.6kw
Air pressure 6〜8kg/cm²
Air consumption 180 L/Min