CCD Fully Auto Screen Printer(Screen Printing Machine)

Product Name : CCD Fully Auto Screen Printer(Screen Printing Machine)
Item No. : BC-66
  • Product Suitable of industry : one sided board, inner board, legend, solder mask, plug hole of PCB. Tile, Cardboard, Acrylic of traditional Industries print.
  • Product Applications : PCB(soft/hard), Acrylic, Cardboard, Tile, film switch, glass panel, touch screen, touch panel, monitor, nameplates.
Product Feature
  • CCD precision of position ±0.005mm, velocity of orientation within 1 second.
  • CCD alignment methods, before pc board printing. Easier operation. Automatic adjustment fixed side orientation and clamp functions.
  • The PC board first position after printing. You can input produce number and saving next time printing. You can produce number the CCD will direct position input by automatic. You don't need adjusting CCD alignment action again and setup screen relocity faster. It can memory the production data and input material number, automatic adjustable oto fixed position, work digitize.
  • Suitable for PCB single side, inner-layer, legend, solder mask, plug hole...etc printing.
Product Specification
Item Specification
Power AC220V,380V,3PH,se5kw
Supply Height 950±50mm
Air Pressure 6kg/cm2,130l/min
Printing Area MAX: 635x610mm
MIN: 300x300mm
Frame Size MAX: 1100x1020mm
Machine Weight 2700kg
Vacuum Area L350x181x170cm